Movement and Common Worlds  

A dynamic and interactive animation

Funder: Arts and Humanities Research Council of the United Kingdom, Standard Research Grant AH/T006099/1, 2021-24

PartnerKing’s Digital Lab | Preview the Map

Built in collaboration with King’s Digital Lab this dynamic and interactive platform reveals the transformation of political and intercultural landscape of the Northeast over 230 years. Using a unique database built from thousands of georectified data points collected from twenty historic maps, this project showcases the permeable boundaries and spaces of Indigenous-colonial interaction, traditional routes of movement, and the hardening of borders. It challenges the perception that colonialism erased Indigenous presence on the land and its history.

Project managed by Dr Charles Prior and Dr Matthias Wong in collaboration with Pam Mellen, Paul Caton, Neil Jakeman, Elliott Hall, Tiffany Ong, Lucie Hao for working with us on this project over two years of planning, development and build. Our thanks also to Hayden Haynes (Onöhsagwë:de’ Cultural Center, NY), Max Edelson (University of Virginia), and Chad Anderson (Hartwick College, Oneonta NY) for invaluable feedback and guidance.

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New Treatied Spaces

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