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Oxford AQA GCSE History textbook: America 1840-1895 - Expansion and Consolidation

Work with Oxford AQA
In 2023 TSRG and a key Indigenous collaborator worked closely with AQA in the re-design of Oxford AQA GCSE History (9-1) America 1840-1896: Expansion and Consolidation (Oxford University Press, 2023).

This was a specific challenge, given that GCSE provision must work within existing legal specifications which are not set to be updated for some years. We were honoured to work with Treatied Spaces Associate Nicole Ridley, Head of PSHE, Malet Lambert School, Hull and expert Series Editor, Aaron Wilkes.

Work with Business Schools
In 2022 Joy Porter contributed to the NHS leadership programme Doctorate in Clinical Science at the Alliance Business School, University of Manchester, discussing ‘Forms of Indigenous Leadership, Matrilineal and Matrifocal Governance’.

Lawrence Benson, Senior Lecturer in Healthcare Management commented that ‘this presentation will serve as a valuable resource’ for leadership training, particularly as a contrast with dominant, Western-oriented leadership discourses.

Work with Exam Boards
In this video, TSRG Intern Laura Birkinshaw outlines the case for updating Indigenous History within UK exam board practice. TSRG has produced sector-influencing reports for AQA and OCR on Indigenising GCSE and A Level curricula.


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