Meet the team

Our core team collaborates across disciplines, sectors and nations, to raise the global environmental profile of treaties.

Group Leads

Joy Porter

Professor of Indigenous & Environmental History

Charles W. A. Prior

Reader in Early Modern History & Head of the School of Humanities

TSRG British Academy Global Professor

Gregory D. Smithers

Virginia Commonwealth University

Lecturer in AI Ethics

Dr Harriet Deacon

DAIM | Treatied Spaces

Project CO-Is on Brightening the Covenant Chain

Professor Dale Turner

Temagami First Nation (Anishinaabe), Department of Political Science,
University of Toronto

Professor Mark Walters

Professor of Law, Queen’s University, Canada

Professor Pekka Hämäläinen

Rhodes Professor of American History, University of Oxford, Fellow of the British Academy

Project Administrator – Brightening the Covenant Chain

Rachel Dickens

Postdoctoral Research Assistant (Archival) – BtCC

Dr Laura Gillespie

Postdoctoral Research Assistant

Dr Kimberley Lustina Weir

Treatied Spaces PhD Students

Hannah Cusworth

(Mahogany, Enslaved Africans, Miskito Indigenous People – AHRC CDA with English Heritage and Historic England)

Rebecca Slatcher

(Indigenous Languages – AHRC CDA with the British Library Americas Collections)

Montgomery Simus

(Contemporary Water Cultures in Conflict: Pebble Mine, Bristol Bay, Alaska)

TSRG Associates

TSRG Alumni

Treaties Spaces Graduate Interns, 2023-24

Treaties Spaces Graduate Interns, 2022-23

Treaties Spaces Graduate Interns, 2021-22