Thomas Betts

I recently graduated from the University of Hull with a First in History. I am thrilled to be working with Treatied Spaces helping to design the “First Superpowers” module alongside Dr. Charles Prior and Dr. Colin Veach. This module will focus on some of the most powerful empires and nations of the past, from the Qin dynasty through to the Lakota and Comanche peoples of North America.

The module will be thematically diverse, which I believe is important because it will open students’ eyes to areas of history that they previously would have had limited knowledge of.

I am passionate about creating insightful, interesting, and thought-provoking modules for students attending the University, and want to help students explore how historical arguments are central to contemporary issues we face today.

Learning the skills and processes required for course design is important for my future career. The TSRG also provide really useful training on digital skills, CV design, interview techniques which I hope will help me make my next step.