Sukhmandeep Dhillon

I graduated from the University of Hull in 2022 with a degree in History (BA). My undergraduate dissertation focused on Punjabi Sikh identity and how events such as the Partition of India and the 1984 Operation Bluestar influenced Punjabi Sikh identity, community and culture. As a Punjabi Sikh myself, I have always had an interest in minority group representation and evaluating how different cultures and communities define identity.

While working with Treatied Spaces, I will be assisting Dr Kimberley Weir and Prof Joy Porter in evaluating the impact of work and projects accomplished by Treatied Spaces and how we can further the knowledge and research gained to encompass a broader reach, significance and impact. My roles include collating impact data and researching Knowledge Exchange, in addition to analysing how the influence of the Dress to Redress exhibition at the American Museum and Gardens, Bath, represented and showcased Indigenous culture and history while also bringing awareness to issues facing the Indigenous communities.

I am pleased to be part of Treatied Spaces, where I will be able to further develop my research and analytical skills while learning and gaining valuable experience and knowledge. Through this internship I have the rewarding opportunity to contribute to important work bringing awareness to Indigenous communities and to support and advance the significant work, research and projects led by Treatied Spaces Research Group.