Robert Cullen

I’m Rob and graduated from the University of Hull in 2022 with a degree in History (BA). With a keen interest in modern history, my undergraduate dissertation focused on the experience of Latvian Jewry under both Nazi and Soviet occupation. My dissertation studies reinforced both my comprehension and interest in how historic narratives have often been manipulated by the dominant authorities of a relevant time or location and thus fail to provide a holistic understanding of events.

Having previously worked on a local historic internship with broader research duties, my role within the Brightening the Covenant Chain project is primarily transcribing written documents produced during colonisation of North America by the Crown and its peoples. I will be seeking to identify instances of interactions between the Indigenous North American peoples and Colonials to provide a greater understanding of how both societies worked together. I hope to utilise my skills and experience gained from a professional background in research and investigation, and look forward to refreshing and developing myself within an academic environment.