Oluwaseyi Akinremi

I recently graduated from the University of Hull where I did my master’s in Advertising and Marketing. My dissertation focused on creating a digital marketing plan for Hull Youth Enterprise Service. The dissertation aimed to provide a deep analysis of how digital marketing can help create awareness for a company. My love for digital marketing is what drew me to Treatied Spaces, knowing I can put my capabilities to practice and help promote the Elements in Indigenous Environmental Research series.
I work alongside Joy Porter and Matthias Wong on the Elements series. I research subject associations that cover a range of issues, including water politics, Indigenous geographies of health & disease, bioprospecting and resource extraction, methodologies and approaches, ecologies of sovereignty, climate justice and activism, geopolitics, and Indigenous territories, mobilities, migration and societal change. 
Through this internship, I hope to develop my skills in research and designing promotional materials. Working with Treatied Spaces is helping me understand the importance of research when promoting a particular subject or a company.
I am grateful for the opportunity to work with Treatied Spaces as it has allowed me to develop my skills on a professional level.