Kayode Faniyi

Born in Lagos, Nigeria, Kayode Faniyi holds BSc. in Microbiology from the Obafemi Awolowo University in Nigeria and a Master’s degree in Literature from the University of Lagos. In 2023, he completed a Masters in English and Creative Writing at the University of Hull.

Kayode’s critical essays on film, literature, history and music have been published in the Journal of Gender Studies, The Republic, A Long House, Bookartville, Music in Africa and Africa is a Countryamong others. Kayode has attended exclusive film criticism programmes in Durban and Berlin, and co-edited A Possible Future: An Anthology of the Best Nigerian Writing (1789-2018) alongside Adewale Maja-Pearce.

As an archival intern under the supervision of Dr Kimberley Weir, Kayode will be contributing to examining the republican roots of environmentalism in the United States with particular attention to Alaska. This role presents Kayode with an invaluable opportunity to further refine his research skills in a socially impactful context, extend his knowledge of environmentalism, and expose him to methods of resurfacing submerged histories.