Henna Ali

I graduated from the University of Hull with a First Class Degree in Accounting and Financial Management in the summer of 2021. I hope to pursue a Master’s degree in the future.

I am looking forward to applying my skillset to this exciting internship and helping the Treatied Spaces team in the cutting-edge research they do. Under the supervision of Professor Joy Porter, I and fellow intern Lili Strege, are working on a grant bid on British and Northern Irish Country Houses.

This internship is really helping me see the effects and ramifications of colonialism to this day, all around the globe, especially in terms of commodities and trade. This links with my Pakistani background and status as a 3rd generation immigrant. My personal experiences have made me interested in the connections and differences between cultures, and the impact colonisation has had on them. Therefore, I am very proud to be working alongside a team that is bringing Indigenous concerns to the forefront of multiple conversations.