Pekka Hämäläinen, Can Colonial Nations Truly Recognise the Sovereignty of Native People? (Aeon) Pekka Hämäläinen, The Pipe Holds Them All Together (Lapham’s Quarterly) Joy Porter, Oscar first for Native American Actor (BBC News) Joy Porter, Oscar Marks a Cultural and Political Resurgence for Native Americans (The Conversation) Joy Porter, Depp and Dior (The Conversation) Greg … Read more

Scotland and Native America

Joy Porter appeared on BBC Radio Scotland as part of a special feature on connections between Scotland and Native America. Airdate: 26 January 2020. A report on her comments appeared in The Times. Listen from 24 mins.

Black Lives Matter

Greg Smithers (British Academy Global Professor) with text and photographs on The Power of Empty Pedastals, and providing a range of commentary on race and product branding in The New York Times, The Washington Post, USA Today, Market Watch and The Counter.

Mount Rushmore

Joy Porter appeared on the BBC News Channel to provide commentary on President Trump’s speech at Mount Rushmore on 3 July 2020.

Racism and Advertising

British Academy Global Professor Greg Smithers contributed to a Bloomberg Quicktake, ‘Behind the Design’ that explores how racial prejudice is built into the design of tech products and algorithms.

New Books Network

Charles Prior commissions and hosts author interview podcasts on the New Books Network. Pitch an interview. Featured episode

Britons in Iroquoia

Map of Red River Gorge, United States

Watch Charles Prior’s talk on ‘Britons in Iroquoia’, which was part of ‘Global Georgians: Transnational Interactions with the British Monarchy’, a roundtable hosted by our friends at the Georgian Papers Programme.

Podcasts & Media

Joy Porter has appeared on a number of podcasts to discuss her new book, Trauma, Primitivism and the First World War: The Making of Frank Prewett (Bloomsbury, 2021). The Many Lives of Frank Prewett, The Champlain Society New Books in History, The New Books Network The Making of Frank Prewett: An Interview with Joy Porter, … Read more