Meet Our Team

Project Leads

Joy Porter, Professor of Indigenous History

Charles W. A. Prior, Senior Lecturer in Early Modern History

Project CO-Is on Brightening the Covenant Chain

Professor Pekka Hämäläinen, Rhodes Professor of American History, Oxford

Professor Mark Walters, Dean of the Faculty of Law, Queen’s University, Canada

Professor Dale Turner, Department of Political Science, University of Toronto

Project Administrator – Brightening the Covenant Chain

Caroline Ward

British Academy Global Professor – ‘Native Ecologies’

Gregory D. Smithers, Virginia Commonwealth University

Leverhulme Trust Lecturer in Indigenous America

Dr Kristofer Ray

Research Assistant to British Academy Global Professor

Dr Susannah Hopson

Research Associates

Dr Heather Hatton

PhD Student

Rebecca Slatcher

Anne Watson Trust Intern

Phoebe Medlicott-Revell

Graduate Interns 2020

Cara Bilson

Shola Hamza

Liam Nendick

Megan Walker

Karanveer Sohal

Conor Start

British Academy Visiting Fellow (Autumn 2018)

Professor Dale Turner, Dartmouth College

Graduate Interns (Summer 2018)

Ed Hardiman

Bethany Ramsden