“Indigenous Peoples, Traditional Knowledge, and Intellectual Property in International Law” @ Harvard (15 February 2024)

“TEK and Legal Incommensurability”

Joy Porter has been invited to speak at the “Indigenous Peoples, Traditional Knowledge, and Intellectual Property in International Law” conference to be held at Harvard Law School (HLS) on 15 February 2024. The conference addresses philosophical and doctrinal challenges regarding claims for entitlement-like protection for the creative outputs, cultural goods, and genetic resources of Indigenous peoples and local communities. Leading Native American scholars, intellectual property experts, and legal theorists will explore competing frameworks, normative justifications, and pragmatic considerations related to national and international treaty regimes (e.g., CBD, Nagoya Protocol, TRIPS Agreement, UNDRIP) affecting the interests of Indigenous peoples and local communities in their knowledge assets.

Speakers include Prof. Carol Rose (Yale Law School, Emerita), Prof. Angela Riley (UCLA Law School), Prof. William Fisher (Harvard Law School), Prof. Ruth Okediji (Harvard Law School), Prof. Wendy Gordon (Boston University School of Law, Emerita), Prof. Justin Hughes (Loyola Law School), Prof. Joseph Kalt, (Harvard Kennedy School), Prof. Madhavi Sunder (Georgetown University Law Center), Prof. Margo Bagley (Emory Law School), Prof. Chidi Oguamanam (University of Ottawa Faculty of Law), Prof. Graham Dutfield (University of Leeds School of Law), Prof. Peter Yu (Texas A&M University School of Law), Ms. Sue Noe (Native American Rights Fund), and Mr. Preston Hardison (Tebtebba Foundation).


Joy Porter’s Paper: “A New Paradigm for TK and IP and International IP Law”

Event details

This is an in-person conference at Harvard Law School. Please note that space is limited, and registration is required. The registration form is available here.

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