Discovering Britain through discourses of indigeneity @ Cambridge (online 9 November 2022)

‘Discovering Britain through discourses of indigeneity II: British Empire and colonialism’ (online)


British history is rife with change; ethnic, social and linguistic shifts have indelibly marked its present day. While discourses of ‘native’ or ‘original’ Britons in popular media are nothing new, with the surge in topics of Indigeneity across disciplines, some scholars have begun to apply Indigenous Studies theoretical frameworks to understanding different contexts, including British history. Such frameworks are a rather recent development, and have drawn both interest and critique. Our Michaelmas 2022 panel series ‘Discovering Britain Through Discourses of Indigeneity’ aims to explore British history through the lens of Indigeneity both in an attempt to subversively ‘discover’ British history, but also gain a deeper understanding of the term Indigenous. The second panel of the series focuses on the multifaceted impacts from British colonial history, both historical and ongoing, on Indigenous communities across the world, and how the concept of Indigeneity may or may not provide an alternative approach to gain a deeper understanding of British coloniality.

This event is now over. You can view a recording of the discussion below:

Event details

Catch Joy Porter on Wednesday 9 November 2022, 2.30-4pm UKT at this online event hosted by the Cambridge Indigenous Studies Discussion Group research network.

Location: Online, free to attend

This event is now over.