Rebecca Slatcher

PhD researcher 

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University of Hull, The British Library 

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My PhD is a collaborative project with the British Library that focuses on the library’s print collections of North American Indigenous languages, post-1850. I interrogate the ways languages have been collected, classified and catalogued in heritage institutions and use decolonial methodologies to find Indigenous presence in the collections and explore the afterlives of language materials.


BA History and Philosophy (International), The University of Leeds

MA Social and Cultural History, The University of Leeds

Publications/ Writing

(March 2022) Cherokee language printing at the British Library, British Library Americas blog

(Forthcoming, April 2023) ‘Critiquing Indians of North America—Languages in the British Library’s catalogue’ Arts Library Journal


PGR Tutor: First Superpowers 

Awards & Grants 

BAAS Postgraduate Travel Award 

AHRC International Placement Scheme, National Anthropological Archives, Smithsonian Institute