Lili Strege

I graduated in 2021 from the University of Hull with a BSc in Biomedical Science.  I will now pursue my passion for science at the University of Exeter as a MSc student of Environment and Human Health. My aim is to build an interdisciplinary career within research on man-made environments, associated toxicology and its impacts on general health. I strive to ultimately explore this at PhD level.

As a TSRG Intern, I am fortunate to be part of an excellent team.  I work closely with Henna Ali under the supervision of Prof. Joy Porter developing a project with English Heritage and owners of Country Houses.

I am learning in more detail, about the wide-reaching effects colonialism has had on global relationships and how it defines trade routes and presence of collected material culture today. I am of German and Nigerian descent with close personal ties to the United States. My multi-cultural background increases my desire to understand and support research on how cultures have historically affected each other and continue to interact. I aspire for all my work to drive increased appreciation for indigenous ways of living in and with nature.