Libertyhavana Chelsea

In 2020 I graduated from the University of Hull with a BA (Hons) in History, focusing on the British influence in Egypt. After this, I pursued my passion further by completing an MA in History with a focus on Britain’s informal empire in the Middle East, which I have recently finished. Obtaining an MA in History has always been my goal since I started university and has given me a wide variety of skills and knowledge that I am eager to bring to a workplace. 

At Treatied Spaces I am working as a marketing and digital support intern. Here, I work alongside Steve Dowen, under the supervision of Matthias Wong. On the marketing standpoint of the internship, I examine how we may use social media to our advantage and what marketing tactics are best for academic work. I also assist the research for content creation and how Indigenous people are viewed in different forms of media.

Alongside the marketing and digital aspects of my role, the internship is helping me understand the impact of colonialism in the modern period and the importance of hearing from Indigenous voices if we genuinely want to understand and learn from history.