Leanne Massey

I graduated from the University of Hull in 2022 with a First Class in BA History.  My undergraduate dissertation focused on the Hernando De Soto expedition (1539-42) and the ways in which it was dictated by the many Indigenous nations that it encountered. I have always had an interest in aspects of Indigenous American history and therefore used my dissertation to research elements of Native history that I felt had been neglected by the general historical narrative.

Whilst interning at Treatied Spaces I will be providing research assistance to the team, specifically, researching Treaties over time for a new publication with Oxford University Press. My roles include carrying out primary research, collating secondary source data, examining the materials that I find and creating concise summaries of key themes and ideas for use by others.

From this internship I hope to further improve my research skills. After having previously worked in primarily academic environments I hope to gain knowledge on what it means to undergo research on a professional level. Working with the Treatied Spaces Research Group provides me with an ample opportunity to experience research on a professional level, whilst also staying within the realms of research that I am extremely passionate and enthusiastic to learn more about.