Thinking More Widely About Sustainability in Space @ Cambridge (22 February 2023)

Thinking More Widely About Sustainability in Space‘ (hybrid event)


National and corporate interest in space has increased drastically in the past decade, and the space economy is expected to double by 2030. From 1957 to 2009, humankind launched just over 1000 satellites, a number that we surpassed in the first half of 2022 alone. Space activity pollutes both the outer space environment and terrestrial environments, including space debris left in orbit, light pollution, and discarded rocket parts that fall back onto earth. This talk explores how space activity affects different societies on earth and our environments. It highlights the potential harms to cultural heritage and to food ecosystems of Indigenous communities, and it introduces a toolkit that promotes a circular economy model and incorporates socio-cultural values into traditional environmental impact assessments of space activity.

Event registration to open soon. This talk is hosted by the Interdisciplinary Research Hub on Sustainability and Conservation of Wolfson College.

Event details

Matthias Wong will be giving this talk on Wednesday 22 February 2023, 6-7.30pm UKT at Wolfson College, University of Cambridge.


Wolfson College
Barton Road
Cambridge CB3 9BB

This event is free to attend, registration to open soon.

Rocket launch from Cape Canaveral