BBC Radio

Joy Porter appeared on BBC Radio Scotland as part of a special feature on connections between Scotland and Native America. Airdate: 26 January 2020.

New Books Network – hosted by Charles Prior

Series 2

Christian Koot, A Biography of a Map in Motion (coming soon).

Lauren Working, The Making of an Imperial Polity (22 January 2020).

James M. Vaughn, The Politics of Empire at the Accession of George III (23 December 2019)

Paul Musselwhite, Urban Dreams, Rural Commonwealth (8 October 2019)

Series 1

Rachel B. Herrmann, No Useless Mouth: Waging War and Fighting Hunger in the American Revolution (22 July 2019)

Hannah Weiss Muller, Subjects and Sovereign: Bonds of Belonging in the Eighteenth Century British Empire (15 July 2019)

Ted Vallance, Loyalty, Memory and Public Opinion in England (20 June 2019)

Robbie Richardson, The Savage and Modern Self: North American Indians in Eighteenth-Century British Literature and Culture (4 June 2019))

Ryan Hanley, Beyond Slavery and Abolition (29 May 2019)

Max Edelson, The New Map of Empire (16 May 2019)