Phoebe Medlicott-Revell

Leverhulme Doctoral Fellow

I graduated from the University of Hull, with a First-Class Bachelor of Arts (Hons) degree in History, in 2020. My undergraduate dissertation explored Indigenous presence in North America, from Columbus through the present day, tackling themes of environmental justice and Indigenous sovereignty. Staying at Hull for my MA, I am currently writing my Master’s thesis, exploring modern Indigenous rights and resistance movements in the United States. Here I am further exploring themes of Indigenous sovereignty, through the lens of Indigenous justice organisations.

I am honoured to have been accepted into The University of Hull Leverhulme Doctoral Scholarships Centre for Water Cultures to study the project Water Cultures in Conflict at Pebble Mine, Bristol Bay, Alaska. Through this doctoral project, I will be furthering my research into Indigenous sovereign rights and environmental justice, exploring these themes now through the United Tribes of Bristol Bay in their fight against the environmental destruction caused by the exploitation of Pebble Mine. I am grateful for the opportunity to be working as part of the Centre for Water Cultures interdisciplinary team, contributing to our understanding of relationships with water, in this crucial moment of climate crisis.

I am also excited to be permanently joining the Treatied Spaces Research Cluster team, working in collaboration with Professor Joy Porter on this doctoral project, having previously completed an internship with the Cluster as their Ann Watson Trust intern. I look forward to continuing my study with the University of Hull and as a part of these distinguished research teams.