Liam Nendick

Native Ecologies: Digital History

Graduating from the University of Hull in 2019, I earned a First-Class Honours degree in History and Archaeology. During my degree studies, I specialised chiefly in archaeological fieldwork, British maritime history and the archaeology of the Vikings. My undergraduate dissertation took on an inter-disciplinary approach to the examination of the causes of the first Viking raids to England, proposing a new theory based on psychological behavioural models and early Viking archaeology. Since graduating, I have been involved in a variety of archaeological projects and have worked as part of Hull’s museum team to bring local history and archaeology to the public.

As a graduate intern for the Treaties Spaces research team, I hope to utilise my background in historical research and archaeological data-mapping to bring an additional perspective to the project. My dissertation taught me the value of multidisciplinary approaches to research and I hope to further strengthen this skill through my work as a graduate intern. I also seek to gain experience in a professional research environment, with the hopes of utilising this experience in the study of a Master’s programme or in future employment.