Apply: PhD Funding

AHRC CDA Scholarship – Deadline anticipated Spring 2021

Treatied Spaces is delighted to announce a new AHRC Collaborative Doctoral Partnership Studentship with English Heritage and Historic England, entitled Mahogany, Enslaved Africans, and Miskito Indigenous Peoples at Chiswick House, Kenwood and Marble Hill, London.

Mahogany was once a highly esteemed luxury commodity, but now is emblematic of environmental degradation. This studentship will explore the cultural significance and exceptional intercultural narrative surrounding mahogany in U.K. heritage environments, specifically, the mahogany-related processes of exchange that link three English Heritage properties (Chiswick House, Kenwood and Marble Hill, London), Miskito African American indigenous environmental brokers, and enslaved Africans in the West Indies and Central America.

This studentship is an exceptional opportunity for candidates with a Master’s degree or equivalent experience to apply to be funded by the AHRC to study over four years, benefit from an additional travel and research expenses grant of GBP 4000 from the Historic Buildings and Monuments Commission for England and from access to the CDP Cohort Development Fund. The selected candidate will further benefit from 12 weeks of placement (3 weeks per year) at each of the three London heritage sites listed above. These have been designed to allow the student to explore a heritage or curatorial career path and to learn more about why knowledge relating to mahogany has been identified by English Heritage as a pressing research need.

Interested? Preliminary enquiries are welcomed by Academic Lead Supervisor Professor Joy Porter and by English Heritage Lead Supervisor Dr Esmé Whittaker. A great place to start preliminary reading in the American context is Jennifer Anderson, Mahogany: The Costs of Luxury in Early America, Harvard University Press, 2012.

The studentship start date is 1 October and it is anticipated that the formal advertisement and UoH link for applications will be available in April/May 2021. Applications from all interested students will be welcome. Watch this space!